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International dental guidance and placement partner
Specialists in placing South African dentists in the Netherlands

What we do

Our Mission

We strive to match dentists with suitable dental practices in the Netherlands and simultaneously guide these candidates with immigration, degree conversions and language courses whilst working at their dream job.
We form personal relationships with the candidates and personally guide their immigration process and placement.
Our board of advisors assist with housing, degree conversion, language courses, etc.

An overview of the process

Phase 1

Apply online.

  • Complete the application form. The form can be downloaded by clicking the button below.
    After completion, please email a scanned copy of the form to along with your CV.

  • One of our representatives will contact you after successful acceptance of your initial application.

  • Pay the €150 administration fee (South Africa). This is payable only after acceptance of your application.

  • Attend your first orientational interview (scheduled by our team immediately after payment).

  • During the second interview our representative will discuss your CV and guide you with the remainder of the process.

Phase 2

Once the first phase is completed.

  • You will be guided in basic language proficiency depending on your current proficiency in Dutch (if any) (this will be through an external language agency at a discounted rate)
    (costs to be covered by the applicant)

  • We assist you with recording a video CV (introduction of yourself) (in Dutch)
    The video will help us place you at the right clinic/practice that best suits you and the prospective clinic.

Phase 3


  • We GUARANTEE placement if you meet all the basic needs

  • If you have an EU passport, we assist you with placement

  • No EU passport? No problem! We will guide you with your application and find you a registered practice that will be your guarantee

  • Cost of visa application for the applicant/ can be negotiated with dental practice/clinic

Phase 4

  • Visa/ passport ready

  • Job ready

  • The journey starts (relocation)

  • We assist with the relocation process, understanding how things work, general questions, etc.
    Immigration costs to be covered by the applicant 

Note: Click on the menu in the top right corner and select "About" to get some more information on our Founder's journey.


Successful Candidate

“I was extremely happy with the ease of this process. Martin and his team helped and guided me through every step. I was lucky enough to already have a good Dutch proficiency so the process went much quicker than expected. Super bedankt Martin en team!”
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